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Birthdate:Aug 9
I'm a cattle rancher, well, I was.

My wife is rebecca_cain and we have three children: Riley (deceased), Tyler, and Lulu (Luara). I have two siblings: Wyatt and Kasey.

I live in Ruby Creek, which is in Quadling Country, which is in the Outer Zone.

I play the fiddle, drink whiskey, play poker, and...I'm the new Mystic Man (long story).

This is for role playing purposes only. No infringement is meant by using characters from printed works, a TV mini-series, and William Petersen's image.
Garrett Cain is an original character developed for Syfy Channel's mini-series, 'Tin Man'. All the 'Tin Man' characters and places belong to their creators. 'The Wizard of Oz' characters and places belong to L.Frank Baum. Garrett Cain is from the mind of gatechic, and both mun and muse are over 18.

Garrett Justin Cain was born in Quadling Country, also known as Lake Country, in the Outer Zone. He met Rebecca after school one day. She approached him and he kissed her. They married years later and had three children: Riley, Tyler, and Luara (Lulu).

After the rise of the Sorceress, his father, Travis Cain, helped form the Resistance with the Mystic Man. Garrett and Rebecca and the rest of the Cain Clan soon joined up with full knowledge of the consequences. After the Last Stand and thinking that his younger brother, Wyatt, is dead, he rushes to his parents' home to find it on fire and his parents and sister are nowhere in sight. Garrett rushes home, but doesn't make it. Zero and his men were waiting for him and had already arrested his family. A Longcoat shoots Garrett, making him fall of his horse. For the next eight annuals, Rebecca believed he was dead and was forced, with her children and mother-in-law, to work at a Longcoat ammunition factory. Garrett was alive working the mines in the Black Mountains.

Four annuals later, his father was discovered to be one of the founding members of the Resistance. In retaliation for Travis' treason, Garrett was imprisoned in an iron suit while Travis was sent to the dungeons in the Tower.

When Wyatt, Raw, and Glitch reversed the SunSeeder, they inadvertently melted the Sorceress after DG pulled her sister away. DG and Azkadellia used their magic and the power of the Emerald to protect themselves. This resulted in the iron suits to malfunction since the magic spell used on them was broken. The only thing keeping the iron suits partly functioning was the science used to keep oxygen pumping into the suits. The suits ability to keep the person in a sort of stasis was gone.

Garrett was rescued by his friends Mason and Brent who found themselves free when the Longcoats abandoned the camp after the Sorceress plan failed. Eventually, Wyatt, Jeb, and Travis found him at the infirmary, recovering. The four men set off to find the rest of the Clan.

A young Viewer by the name of Kith mistakenly linked Garrett to Azkadellia's memories. He not only hears the voice of Sorceress, but 'sees' her in his mind. There is also another voice he hears: the Mystic Man.

A year later, Garrett accepts the job of escorting Azkadellia from the Tower to Finaqua. Along the way, they're ambushed by Zero and some ex-Longcoats. Garrett is shot repeatedly trying to protect the Princess. Before collapsing, Garrett shoots Zero and sends him running. Azkadellia, knowing that Garrett will die, teleports him to the hospital in Central City then teleports herself. But she's too late, she's informed that Garrett has died. Deciding that no one else should die because of her, she sacrifices her magic to bring him back. Without knowing what she's doing, she transfers some of her magic to him and all the wisdom and knowledge of the Mystic Man.

After recovering and fearing that Garrett is possessed by the Sorceress, a doctor named Cedric Coleman talks the court into confining Garrett to a psych ward where Coleman tortures Garrett under the guise of treatment. Coleman's goal is to find a way to remove the magic from Garrett so Mombi, who is imprisoned in the mountains of the Nomes, can be released.

Wyatt and DG mount a rescue when they find proof of Garrett's mistreatment. It's soon revealed that Garrett is now the new Mystic Man, much to his dismay.

He wears his Colt 45 butt-forward on his left side. He also has a hunting knife that he wears on his right side. He's not fond of shaving unless necessary. Most days, he prefers to be scruffy and Rebecca (whom he affectionately calls 'Becky') loves it. It's not unusual to see him wearing a scarf/neckerchief. He's fluent in the language of the Ancients, which is basically Gaelic. His magical abilities so far are communicating telepathically with Dree and El, tossing Longcoats around (moving objects), and levitation (he hasn't quite mastered levitating himself while sitting on a peacock chair like his predecessor).

AU/Tin Man storyline with erinm_4600 and bizarra:
The backstory for this can be found here and here. Garrett and Rebecca are in a loving relationship with elari_brooks. Garrett fathered a child with El, Leora Caitlyn Brooks-Cain.

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adora cain, cattle ranching, dg, fiddle, garrett cain, glitch, jeb cain, luara cain, raw, rebecca cain, riley cain, tin man, tyler cain, whiskey, wicked, wizard of oz, wyatt cain
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