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It's very odd waking up after a night of dreams of somebody else's life. What a nice segue to what I wanted to say.

Becky and I are headed to the Northern Palace to visit Linn and Sasha. Az, DG, and Jeb will meet us there. DG and I are planning a diplomatic visit to Ev to meet with the new leader of the Nomes. Relations with the Nomes will be slow on both sides. But, I think we can do it.
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First things first: tomorrow is mom's birthday, don't forget.

Becky and I bought a bottle of wine last night. We sat on the balcony of our suite overlooking the city...have I mentioned that the city is starting to shine again?...we talked about a lot of things that have happened lately.

We're good. Well, actually, we were before our talk, but since we were alone, we were able to really talk. So, I'm sorry, Wyatt, but I'm going to have to divorce you. But, I still love you, Honeybuns. He's going to kill me.

Becky does want to go to Laethriel. I'll have to work that one out, but I know she'll love it. She wants to see the twins and make sure they understand who I belong to. Heh. I love my assertive wife.

Anyway, we drank the entire bottle of wine as we talked and then made love right there overlooking the city. I asked her to marry me again and she said 'yes'. So, we're going to renew our vows.

I love her more now than I did when we first met.

I haven't forgotten that I still owe all the kids a hayride.

*looks at clock*
I gotta run. Becky has a lucheon/auction event and I'm supposed to officially open the bidding. *waves hand* And then I'm off to visit DG and Glitch. The Queen of Ev is visiting and we need to set up a schedule with her representative. *rolls eyes* Life was simpler when all I had to do was take the herd out for grazing and watch them.


Dec. 13th, 2009 09:41 pm
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I'm watching TV and there's this movie on called Elf...but it's DG...with blond hair. I'm amused.
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