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I just finished holding court, took my robe off, tripped over it and broke my arm. So, I'm here at the hospital waiting for Mason to set my arm. And it's my right arm.

Honestly, I can't stop laughing at myself, or it could be from the drugs Mason gave me. Add this to my long list of injuries.
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For Halloween on the Other Side, I'm gonna go as this guy. What'd you think?

I'm bored

Mar. 29th, 2013 02:16 pm
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I wonder if there's any trouble I can get into?

Oh, I forgot, tonight's poker night! That should be enough trouble for me to get into.
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To save money on the installation of central air-conditioning in his St. Joseph, Mo., home, Bryan Fite began replacing the wires in his attic, prying up the floor boards on the rafters. Along with possible savings, he found a treasure beneath the floorboards: 13 bottles of century-old whiskey.


I'm holding court today, so I wish I had one of those bottles with me. Heh.


Jan. 19th, 2012 09:20 pm
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Thank the gods I don't have to be the bearer for this emerald. Also, I think I will name the emerald 'Teodora', too.
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It's very odd waking up after a night of dreams of somebody else's life. What a nice segue to what I wanted to say.

Becky and I are headed to the Northern Palace to visit Linn and Sasha. Az, DG, and Jeb will meet us there. DG and I are planning a diplomatic visit to Ev to meet with the new leader of the Nomes. Relations with the Nomes will be slow on both sides. But, I think we can do it.
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[Are you a loyal, proud and patriotic citizen of your home country, who could never imagine being from anywhere else, or do you consider yourself to be more internationally minded; a citizen of the world? - Tuesday 02/01/11]

I'm a true red Quadling and damn proud of it. I'm from the southern territory of the Outer Zone. Quadling Country is often referred to as 'Lake Country'. The Outer Zone is made up of four different countries: Gillikin (North), Munchkin (East), Winkie (West), and us. Under Ozma, the four countries were united and we became the Outer Zone once again (that's another story).

I can't imagine being from one of the other three countries. Our history, food, music, and dance is like none other in the Outer Zone...okay, the Winkies are damn close.

While now I represent the OZ as a whole, I'm 100% Quadling.
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Stole from Wyatt and Adora.

how jedi are you?
:: by lawrie malen

Some of the questions had no answer for me, so I picked the closest one.
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Was a few weeks ago. But over on the Other Side, they have Zodiac signs (we don't really have that here in the Zone). According to the Other Side, I'm a Leo.

Your element: Fire

Your ruling planets: The Sun

Symbol: The Lion

Your stone: Peridot

Life Pursuit: To lead the way

Vibration: Radiant Energy

Leo's Secret Desire: To be a star

More under here )

There are other Zodiac signs that are not montly but 'yearly'. Since our 'years' are different, I can't really accurately say which sign I am.

Rebecca is an Aries, another fire sign.
Aries )

These are so funny and accurate in some cases. But, I still say that I control who I am and not some stars in the sky.
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Mom's birthday party was great! We had a lot of fun with lots of food and drinking.

Becky's auction went very well. She was able to raise a lot of money for her women's house. She's doing great work with that.

The meeting with the Queen of Ev's representative went well. I only spoke up when I needed to, DG handled herself like a pro. She's really moved into her role like she was born for it...which she was.

Today, is Becky and me time. I'm off to shower and pamper my sweetheart. ;)
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I've been on a super secret mission to save the universe from evil dark forces. Will be back soon.
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