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I'm at a breakfast with the Mayor of Central City and the Central City Council. I'm bored.

EDIT: Wyatt just arrived. I'm not so bored now.
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Is back up and running, well, they have been but the Dorothy Gale travel and now DG's travel markers are up. The Dorothy Gale markers were replaced and the ones for DG were finally completed today. And the Old Road is being repaired.

Things are looking up around here.
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It's very odd waking up after a night of dreams of somebody else's life. What a nice segue to what I wanted to say.

Becky and I are headed to the Northern Palace to visit Linn and Sasha. Az, DG, and Jeb will meet us there. DG and I are planning a diplomatic visit to Ev to meet with the new leader of the Nomes. Relations with the Nomes will be slow on both sides. But, I think we can do it.
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[Are you a loyal, proud and patriotic citizen of your home country, who could never imagine being from anywhere else, or do you consider yourself to be more internationally minded; a citizen of the world? - Tuesday 02/01/11]

I'm a true red Quadling and damn proud of it. I'm from the southern territory of the Outer Zone. Quadling Country is often referred to as 'Lake Country'. The Outer Zone is made up of four different countries: Gillikin (North), Munchkin (East), Winkie (West), and us. Under Ozma, the four countries were united and we became the Outer Zone once again (that's another story).

I can't imagine being from one of the other three countries. Our history, food, music, and dance is like none other in the Outer Zone...okay, the Winkies are damn close.

While now I represent the OZ as a whole, I'm 100% Quadling.
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