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I cut some trees down yesterday, so today, I'm off to take the logs to the mill. It's easier and it'll save me some time from having to shape and shave the wood myself for Rebecca's table. I'll pick up the wood in about a week's time and start work on it.

One of the cow's gave birth last night. It was a difficult birth, but both mother and calf are doing well. Thankfully, Tyler was here to help out.

Rebecca is making more tea. I can smell the herbs as she grinds them with the mortar and pestle. She must be making the tea for something special.

A pic of me was sent to mom from the old school. Seems some photos survived when the Longcoats burned the school down. A few of the teachers were able to stash the photos and other school records before everything went up in smoke. I've also included a another pic of Rebecca and me from our trip to the Other Side.

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I had my first trip to the Other Side with DG for a doctor's visit (more on that later). It's very interesting over there. Technology wise, they are far more advanced than we are. I mean, they've gone to the moon (there's only one moon and one sun...weird).

Lulu came with us and she took some pictures.

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Josh now has a journal. I think I'll go friend him.

How could I forget.

Happy Birthday, little sis!
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